Thursday, August 18, 2011


SET LIST (comedy without a net), is an improvised stand up comedy show created by Troy Conrad (Comedy Jesus) & Paul Provenza (The Green Room with Paul Provenza.)
The show is completely unique in format - a comedian is given a never-before-seen “set list” just before they walk on stage – and with only a few minutes to look it over they then riff on random topics (for example, ‘Drooling Savior’ or ‘Right Wing Motel’) as if the subject matter has been in their act forever. "It is like a live practical exam in a stand-up degree," tweeted Set List-er John Robins.
Set List is currently running at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival through August 28th at Just Up The Road at The Caves after making it's first comedy festival appearance in Montreal at Just For Laughs Festival, at which the show sold out and the audience was literally spilling out of the venue, barely leaving any standing room.
Both audience and comedians are loving the show. Comics love the format & the show so much, that on they days they are not performing they come back to the venue just to hang out & watch it unfold.
After just a few shows in Edinburgh, Set List had to relocate to a larger venue in order to accommodate their ever growing audience & popularity.
Jason John Whitehead tweeted that "after doing Set List it made me feel like a new comic again," and Mick Ferry said "Thanks for recreating a feeling I've not had in 13 years." Janey Godley has done the show 4 times, saying it is "addictive."
Provenza will be rocking his mad hosting skills August 18 - 28th. The genius Greg Proops will be there in Proop Dog style on August 24, 26, 27, 28th. Todd Barry, Tom Stade, Robin Ince are future SET LIST-ers, plus special guests can always be expected. This all happens at The Caves throughout the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.
Set List returns to Los Angeles in September. This show is A MUST SEE, like them on Facebook for show info!

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